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The Chesapeake Knights Pop Warner Association is proud to support over 100 football players each season. Our players are focused on character development, academic and athletic achievement, and we emphasize the values of honor, courage and commitment from our student athletes. Our volunteer football coaches are some of the best athletes, mentors, and individuals around - each committed to using the tool of football to teach life lessons and develop young minds to show each athlete that with hard work they can accomplish more than they ever thought. Our families are committed volunteers with a love of their children, the sport, and this community.

Football Coaches

We love our coaches! Our head coaches alone volunteer over 200 hours of their time just in on-the-field coaching (practices & games). That doesn't include the countless hours off-the-field for planning, certification testing, administrative work, and extra activities coaching requires. And that's just the Head Coach! For those with children in the program, they're also volunteering additional time, bringing snacks, and doing fundraising as a parent, too. We think we have some of the best people around in the Knights program.

Many coaches return year after year and stay with their teams through the passing seasons. Several coaches don't even have children in the program - they join us for the pure joy of coaching and being around the game in a well-managed environment. Safety, fitness, and the development of strong foundational skills are the top priorities for these coaches, and they recognize the example they're setting for our young athletes. They'll push these players to achieve all that's possible - every play, every day.

Each coach, staff member and Board Member undergoes a strict background check, and training is required for various positions. We abide by all rules set forth by the Pop Warner Little Scholars program, and by our parent league, SEVA. If you are interested in being a coach, assistant, or staff member email

Wanna Be a Knight?

Registration for the 2016 closed:-( But please stay tuned for registration dates opening up in the early spring for season 2017!




​A player is not considered registered or officially on a team until ALL paperwork is complete, submitted, and confirmed as accurate. No exceptions.

Teams fill-up quickly, so register early and ensure all paperwork is in order. Visit the Registration page for specific details.

                                              What to expect:

-Expect to be asked to fundraise at least $75 per participant, whether through the many fundraising opportunities we provide or by making a donation.

-Practices begin on August 1 (unless it is a Sunday). The first weeks of football are comprised of conditioning. SEVA & Pop Warner rules require that tackle football players record ten (10) hours of conditioning time before engaging in practices with contact. Players who miss practice will not be allowed to participate in any contact drills until the ten (10) hours of conditioning is attained.

-During the first 3-4 weeks, tackle football players likely will practice 4-5 days a week. Typical practice time is anywhere from 6:00 PM until 8:30PM. A practice cannot last longer than two (2) hours. 

-Throughout the regular season, practices are limited to three (3) days per week. As the time changes and darkness hits earlier, practices may start earlier to allow for more daylight. 

-Football can be loud and strenuous. With helmets and crashing and heavy breathing, it's hard to hear. Flag players run -- and fall. Coaches may shout - but before rushing to judgment on the shouting, listen to what they are saying. Loud doesn't always equal angry. Our goal is to correct and encourage. Loud voices may be necessary for safety - ensuring players know their positions to protect their teammates and themselves.

-Football is an exhausting sport. Keeping our organization running is a team effort. We will expect a lot of your time, support, and resources. The first three weeks are filled with many hours on and off the field for all of us. We will ask you for forms and absolute accuracy on items you may not think are important, but they are. You will be called-upon to volunteer your time and raise funds. Our volunteer leaders are committed to you, and we ask the same commitment in return.

-And, while it may seem to go without saying, expect to be asked to follow the rules and act with courtesy towards your fellow Knight families, coaches, and volunteers, as well as toward our visitors and opponents. Understand that we have a zero tolerance policy for actions that jeopardize the safety of any individual or our ability to provide a positive environment for Knight football and cheerleading in our community.

-If you have a concern, we require you to follow the chain of command. Start with your coach. Complaints, concerns, or issues brought to commissioners or board members that were not addressed with the coach first will be returned to the coach for attention. Of course, we accept compliments and offers for help at any time, at any level of authority.

-No one in the Chesapeake Knights Pop Warner Association is ever paid for the time, talents, or commitments to the organization - we are 100% volunteer-led and rely on registration fees, sponsors, fundraising, and kind donations for our operations. Our families, players, and organization make the Knights Nation an awesome one!!!!!

Football Commissioner: Joshua Tribble